Gold Sovereign Reference Books

The list below is an account of books we have found useful for the purpose of study and valuation of gold sovereigns and is by no means exhaustive or attempting to be complete. Additions to this list are most welcome and encouraged. Please make contact by email or using the contact form on the contact us page.

'The Gold Sovereign' by Michael Marsh, revised by Steve Hill, Token Publishing 2017. 

The reworked and revised edition added much improvement to Michael Marsh's popular and long-standing reference work and is currently the most comprehensive reference book on the Gold Sovereign, covering all types of Milled Sovereigns to date. It includes many anecdotes and accounts of the Mint's workings and official letters along with a price guide for Sovereigns. In our opinion, it is a must have for any serious Sovereign collector and/or investor.

The book can be bought here.

'The History of the Sovereign - Chief Coin of the World' by Kevin Clancy, Royal Mint Museum, 2nd (revised) edition 2017.

Kevin Clancy's work is a masterpiece in all aspects - detailing not only the history of the Sovereign and its equivalent unit-of-account denominations but giving much economic and societal context. The Sovereign has undoubtedly played an instrumental part in forming British society on all levels and this book encapsulates this effortlessly. In our opinion, the book is a necessity for anyone wanting to go deeper into the cause of gold coin production in England and the United Kingdom.

The book can be bought here.

'Coins of England and the United Kingdom' by Spink & Son, published yearly by Spink Publishing.

Since the 1960s, this has been the most commonly used price guide for British coins. It is referenced by all auction houses and coin dealers around the world, as 'Spink' (S. or S-) or sometimes 'Seaby', the original publishing house. In our opinion it is necessary to own a fairly recent edition as prices are updated yearly.

The book can be bought here.